13 August 2011

Happy With No Reason.

I hope it'll last forever.

"promise me to sleep tight. while realizing and believing there will always be love from me to you and you to me in your sleep, in your dreams and when you open your candy-eyes.thank u kumbang".   

#lepas ni kalau post-post bende yang menjengkelkan kat FB mahap lah ye. I rase di awang-awangan lah yuwol. keh keh keh.

jijik kan?


mohd nur iqhwan shaffiq said... [Reply to comment]

untong lah my kak long dah ade boyfriend kan...

NoraƩ said... [Reply to comment]

xciter pun. ce citer ce citer

nursyuhaiza kasim said... [Reply to comment]
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